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What is NIST?
NIST stands for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. They are the
US government agency that sets standards and guidelines for calibrations and measurements.

Does the unit come with a NIST traceable calibration report?
Yes, each unit is tested against our NIST standard a G.E. Druck DPI 740 pressure transducer.
The NIST testing range is from 26.00 - 31.00 inhg, 860 - 1060mb/hPa
and 660 - 787mmhg. Unit accuracy is for the prescribed test range.
Each unit is fully calibrated and comes with a NIST traceable calibration report.

Are the high and low records based on hourly records?
No, the high and low records are based on 5 minute samples over 120 hour period.
A total of 7200 samples for a 5 day period.

Can you switch to any screen or auto rotate the display?
Yes, the unit starts up with the main screen showning the pressure. You can press the Display button to switch between screens or select auto sequence under user preferences and the display will sequence through the screens every 7 seconds.

Will the DBX2 Barograph retain its settings when changing the batteries?
Yes, If the DBX2 Barograph is plugged in and you remove the batteries the unit will retain its

Can I turn the DBX2 Barograph backlight on permanently?
Yes, but the backlight uses a considerable amount of power, so the DBX2 Barograph
must be plugged in when used in this manner.

How long will the DBX2 Barograph batteries last?
That depends, if the DBX2 Barograph is plugged in or is hardwired they will last for over a year.
If the DBX2 Barograph is on battery power alone they will last for about a month. This does not
account for using the DBX2 Barograph backlight.

What is the maximum DC input voltage of the DBX2 Barograph?
The DBX2 Barograph can handle a maximum of 14.0 volts. It was design to work with marine power systems.

Is the DBX2 Barograph graph self adjusting?
Yes, the DBX2 Barograph graph will self adjust so that the current record and the largest previous
record can fit on the screen. The graph will center the current (right most record) when it can.

If recharable batteries are used will the DBX2 Barograph charge them?
No, The backup batteries will not be recharged by the DBX2 Barograph.
You can however recharge the batteries separately.

Can the DBX2 Barograph be wall mounted?
Yes, there is a DBX2 Barograph standard and wall mount version. Plus, you can buy mounting brackets anytime.
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