Aquatech Scientific Instruments LLC (ASI) is proud to introduce a cost-effective weather alert instrument, the DBX1 , our precision digital barograph barometer. It's a Storm Warner / Fair Weather Alert device, replacing less accurate, antiquated aneroid barographing barometers... at 1/3 the cost!

The DBX1 barograph barometer is a simple to use, low-cost, highly reliable early warning system for detecting low pressure storm systems approaching. Showing a clear 1 day and a 5 day weather time barograph image on a well back-lit digital display. The DBX1 barograph barometer is a stand-alone unit and requires NO connection to the outside world. The DBX1 barograph barometer is both battery and a/c powered! We offer full NIST Traceable units at a very low price. See the In Depth and Support pages for details. General applications include: Meteorology, Marine World, Research, the Mining Industry, Cleanrooms, Oil Platforms and Refineries, Laboratories, Medical and Health Related Fields. We also have firmware for mmHg and other pressure formats.





NIST DBX1 Configuration
FORMAT Configuration
LCD Configurtation
POWER Configuration

The DBX1 barograph barometer comes in three LCD color choices! Blue, Red and Standard Green. If you intend to keep your DBX1 barograph barometer plugged in, then the Red and Blue Barograph LCDs look incredible with the backlight on. The Green barograph barometer LCD is the best choice for use with the backlight on or off, since it is very easy to read in direct sunlight.

The DBX1 barograph barometer uses a state-of-the-art Pressure Transducer allowing the DBX1 Barograph barometer to detect minute atmospheric pressure changes. Having no moving parts, the DBX1 barograph barometer is perfect for marine crafts, and being more accurate than old aneroid barographs... the DBX1 barograph barometer requires no pens or ink, or even paper! And an upgradeable firmware means features can be easily added to the DBX1 Barograph! Mounting brackets are available along with Power Adapters for U.K., Europe and Australia. We have firmware for both STANDARD (inhg/mb) and MEDICAL/LAB (mmHg/mb) formats. Please see the DBX1 barograph barometer order page for options.

The DBX1 barograph barometer has already been sold around the world! In the U.S., U.K., Mexico, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, and South Africa, Just to name a few! Our Customers....the marine world, professional weathermen, mining, laboratories, well as home-weather enthusiasts, storm-chasers, government agencies and even health related fields.

Even the best barometer tells only the current pressure, nothing more. Knowing the pressure is like knowing the Dow Jones average for any one moment: we really need to know which way it is heading, and how fast. The DBX1 barograph barometer is a precision digital barograph. Barographs are recording barometers. The DBX1 digital barograph barometer displays the trend (up, steady, or down) and the rate of change via a 20 column bargraph. And since changes in pressure generally precede new weather, the DBX1 barograph barometer can help us "see" what's coming.

As an example, rising pressure most often indicates clearing and cooler, where as falling pressure usually points to warmer, more cloudy, and possible precipitation. A rapidly falling pressure is almost always accompanied by a storm with high wind conditions. And a rapidly rising pressure is almost always accompanied by higher winds and clearing conditions. An unchanging pressure means continuing conditions and little wind. The crest or trough of a pressure curve most often indicates a change of wind direction.[*] See the graphs and their meanings on the DBX1 barograph: In depth page!

With these forecasting tips you can use the DBX1 barograph as your first defense against oncoming weather.


NEW Version 3.80 FIRMWARE NEW Set barograph for both SEA and LOCAL pressure
NEW Realtime ASM 10 SEC ( Active Sample Mode ) NEW System and Display Menus
NEW Ability to view and set OFFSET NEW Quick Switching LOCAL, SEA, MB, INHG
NEW Ability to read LOCAL pressure directly NEW icons for LOCAL and SEA pressure
NEW Setup and Display functions NEW Interactive Pressure setup
• Precision digital barograph barometer • Audible barograph warning for large pressure changes
• Accuracy ±0.25 mb/hPa. & ±0.007 inhg. for NIST units • Easy 3 button barograph setup
• Sensitivity 0.100 mb/hPa. and 0.003 inhg. • Switch Directly between mb and inhg
NEW Time and Date fuctions. New 48 Hour scrolling Pressure Report with time & date
• Barograph operates at altitudes up to 12,000 ft / 3658 m • 1 Day High and Low barograph pressure records
NEW Display Resolution 0.001 inhg. and 0.01 mb/hPa. • 5 Day High and Low barograph pressure records
NEW firmware for medical applications mmHg • 1, 3, 6 and 12 hour barograph pressure differences
• State of the art Motorola pressure transducer • 24 position row height shown in .02 inhg increments
• Advanced AVR RISC microcontroller 32K Flash memory • Barograph Trend indication (Rising, Falling, Steady)
• Upgradeable Barograph Firmware (Ability to add features) • Barograph Threshold alert set by user
• 4x20 column backlit barograph LCD character display • 1 button power save mode with wake on audible warning
NEW 15 bit oversampling precision • 1 button barograph backlight on/off
• Displays in both inHg and millibars/hPa • 1 button barograph audible alert on/off
• 3 decimal places (0.001) resolution in inHg • Solid State Barograph - no moving parts
• 2 decimal places (0.01) resolution in mb/hPa • Anodized black aluminum barograph case
• Barograph pressure sampled once every 5 minutes • Operates up to 1 month with 4xAA batteries (included)
• Ability to take a realtime pressure reading anytime • A/C power wall adapter 9v (included)
• 1 Day barograph display (20 records) • DC input voltage up to 15.0v for use with marine crafts
• 5 Day barograph display (20 records) • Barograph dimensions 5.0" x 3.0" x 1.5" (120mm x 78mm x 43mm)
• Barograph tendency prediction forecast • Barograph Weight 10 oz. (284 g)
• Barograph Warning messages and Alerts • Barograph designed and manufactured in the USA
NEW DBX1 Flush mount version for Marine Craft • One Year Limited Warranty

Standard DBX1 Barograph Showing 1 Day graph Wall Mount DBX1 Barograph

DBX1 Barograph Side Control Panel  Flush Mount DBX1 Barograph


I use the DBX1 on my 46' sailboat in blue water cruising conditions and it has performed flawlessly! It is my most important weather instrument. The DBX1 is an exceptional digital barograph and very useful for weather analysis and prediction. It is MUCH lower priced than other barographs but actually has more advanced features. The unit is also VERY sensitive and accurate over time. After setting it, I compared the pressures it displayed over several months and was pleased to see that I did not have to reset the unit. Despite its advanced features, it is also very practical to use and essentially requires NO user intervention (unless you need to push the backlight button) to show pressure readings, weather tendency, hi and low values and both 1 day and 5 day histories. Overall it is an exceptional device, congratulations Aquatech!

Bob R
Annapolis, MD, USA

I purchased the DBX1 a few months ago and could not be happier with it. I never have to mess with it as it runs along very consistently. The pressure reading is very accurate and is always in stride with another precision digital barometer I have. I also check both occasionally with my NWS mercurial barometer. The DBX1 has never needed adjusting. I recommend it highly to anyone looking for a low-profile and accurate pressure instrument.

Bill E
Loveland, CO, USA

Thank you for introducing this amazing elecronic digital barograph! At first, I was sceptical, but I soon came to realize the advanced technology that has been developed by Aquatech, and how VERY well it works! Every home and cottage should invest into one and not rely on weather forcasters today! A great value for your money! This is a WINNER !!

Mark F
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Your service from beginning to end has been exceptional. I have just received my digital barograph. Took 9 days to get to me here in London, which is pretty good considering it wasn't couriered! I have set it up and had it running for a few hours. At this time it seems to be EXACTLY what I wanted and was looking for. It is extremely well constructed, solid, and professional-looking. Certainly has none of that "made in China" look. It will look great mounted at my navigation station. I also love that the contrast is adjustable. Its a great value unit, and I know I'm going to love having the information it provides as "an extra" on my boat.

Steven S
London, England, UK

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[*] Barograph text description used with with permission from Robert. E. White Instruments
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